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This Email mailing list is open to residents and property owners in Cedar Park, Cedar Springs and the surrounding Storm Mountain Colorado area. Please indicate your connection to the community when applying for group membership by replying to the "Response required to act on your request for membership in group" email. 

The intent of this group is to enhance our sense of community by allowing residents to easily and directly communicate with one another. When you send an e-mail message to, everyone who is a member of the group will receive the message. You can reply to the sender alone, or to the whole group.

The group also allows us to share documents and other files. Several areas for files have already been set up - click the Files link at the left to check them out. PDF files are preferred.

The EMAIL list is not to be used for routine business advertising. If you have a business, place a PDF flyer in the For Sale file area and send a one-time announcement to the group.

I'll be happy to help anyone with questions-just email:


John Green

PS. I want to make it clear that, while I'm getting this group started, this is not "my" group - the group belongs to all members of the Storm Mountain community. I - and others who may choose to participate in making this group work - are simply stewards of your resource.

Additional Information

Applying for membership is essentially a two-step process. 

1.      The first time you submit your email address to for access to a group, will create an account for you – your email address is your account number and you can potentially subscribe to many groups under a single account. will send that email address an email which you must reply to – this is to confirm your access to the email account, and that it wasn’t entered by someone else. 

2.      Next, you will get an email from the moderators for with the subject line:

Response required to act on your request for membership in group

asking you to provide information showing your connection to our community.  After you reply to that email, a group moderator will process your request, and you will get an email informing you of the result. 

After you have an account, log in and create a password for your account. 

1.      The first time you log in to with your email address, you will be sent an email with a link, valid only for one hour. 

2.      Clicking on the link in the email will open a web page on the website.  Click on the Profile link, and you’ll be taken to a page where you can enter a password.  When you make changes and before you leave the page, always remember to click on the Save or Update or Change button, often near the bottom of the page – or any changes you make will be lost.  

3.      In the future, when you want to change your password, you can click on the Account link under your name / email address in the upper right corner of the window. 

Website Navigation Basics

1.      When you make changes and before you leave the page, always remember to click on the Save or Update or Change button, often near the bottom of the page – or any changes you make will be lost.  
2.      On the blue banner above you’ll see “Your Groups” – this is a drop-down list making it easy to move between the groups you have joined. 
3.      Subscription in the menu at the left – this lets you choose how you want to receive group emails.  Editing your Group Profile lets you update your Display Name , and allow other group members to see your profile information in the Directory with a link to send you a private email – your email address is not displayed in the directory (unless you make it available, for example, in your Display Name.)
4.      Directory displays the member directory – but only to those who have allowed their own information to be seen in the Directory.  Go ahead and set Profile Privacy to “Other Members of Your Group” under Subscription – Group Profile – Edit Profile and try it out - you can always change it back.

5.      If you want to send a new message from the website interface to the group, click on “New Topic”.  Otherwise, click on a message to reply to an existing message. 
By default, replies to a message go to the sender only.  To reply to the group (If Reply All in your email client doesn’t do it), use the button at the bottom of group emails, or to the far right-bottom of the message on the website.

Notice: May 2, 2018
Yahoo is failing to accept and deliver group messages to 45 (or Yahoo hosted) email addresses that are members of the group. 
If you have a email address, or another serviced by Yahoo, I recommend switching to a non-yahoo email address, like from Google.  Then, re-apply to the group with your new email address.

When Yahoo refused to accept a message, the error message was either a cryptic “request aborted” or more often “This user doesn't have a account” when the Yahoo group member list shows this is not so.  This failure of Yahoo is also preventing you from receiving the email message that allows you to log in to the group website to set a password.
Some email addresses appear to be working.  If you were a member of the old (now defunct) Yahoo group but haven’t been receiving messages from the new group, Yahoo is failing to deliver your email messages.

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